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How It Works
Pledge Gift Cards
Pledge Gift Cards
Fans & supporters pledge gift cards to causes on Givda.
Buy Discounted Cards
Buy Discounted Cards
Givda sells the pre-owned gift cards at unbeatable discounts.
Fund Good Causes
Fund Good Causes
All proceeds from gift cards sold on Givda fund good causes.
What People Are Saying
Pledge Gift Cards
Jay H.
Gift Card Donor
Normally I spend gift cards as quickly as possible. If I don't use a card within a few weeks of receiving it, I probably won't ever use it. So when my friend was raising money for an adoption, it was easy for me to give him the $40 Cabela's gift card.
Fund Good Causes
John V.
Funded Church Mission
Givda helped us tap into an unused resource. Seeing so many of our people and our children give who may have never given before...we are just excited. We are going to be able to redeem this money for an underground church plant. We are thrilled.
Over $60 billion worth of gift cards have gone unused since 2005.
As consumers, we love to buy and receive gift cards. According to the National Retail Federation, gift cards are the most desired holiday gift. The problem is, many of us don't spend the cards we receive. Over $60 billion worth of cards have gone unused since 2005. Many of those cards have been lost or forgotten in wallets, purses, car consoles or junk drawers. Givda provides a way to turn those unwanted gift cards into donations for good causes.
Featured Causes

Wiphan Care Ministries

At Wiphan, everything we have built and everything we continue to do hinges on our statement of faith. We believe that our savior, Jesu...(more)

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Jones Family Post Adoption Care

In March 2011 we brought home Isaiah and Ruth to be part of our family forever.  They grew up on the Caribbean island of St.Vincen...(more)

x 37
Raised $557